Wanna Sell Your Car? 
We can help.

Selling your vehicle yourself: You list it on a few sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, then you have to BECOME A CAR SALESMAN. Hope you enjoy getting texts from strangers at 3am. Ain't nobody got time fo' that!

When we do it: We list it on Autotrader, CarGurus, Carsforsale.com, FB Marketplace, Offerup,  Craigslist, Carfax used Car Listings, Google, FB Targeted Ads, CUDL Autosmart and our managed dealership website with Dealer.com advertising.

Here's the deal, you have 1 of 2 routes you can take when selling your car to us: Selling outright and leaving with a check today or we can work together to decide upon a price you'd accept for your vehicle; Then WE DO ALL THE WORK to clean, photograph, advertise, respond to interested parties, kick the joyriders, pre-qualify for/provide test drives, offer financing, offer a warranty, negotiate and then sell the car FOR YOU. After they're down-the-road, we call you come by and pick up your money.   

So the choice is yours... Leave today with money or wait it out while we do the hard work to try and get you a little extra.

What we'd need from you:
You must own the vehicle outright or have payoff information.
You must keep the vehicle insured.
Locate and provide any/all receipts or documents pertaining to vehicle.

Get an estimate of what we can offer!
If you'd like an estimate on what price we can give you, please provide us with the following information. 

Info We Need:
Year, Make & Model
VIN Number (If you can, will need eventually.)
Anything else we need to know?

Send us pics!
No, we don't need any selfies, but you can include one if you'd like!
3/4 Shot from Driver Front
3/4 Shot from Passenger Rear
Front and Rear Shots
Picture of Engine
Picture of Interior
Pictures of any issues or damage

Instant Cash Offers Welcome!
Do you have a written offer from another local dealership on your vehicle from their website or in-person? You're welcome to bring it to us and usually we can beat it! Why? Because we don't have as much overhead as some of the big guys do and pass that onto you.

Remember, 40% of our sales come from repeat customers. That means that we plan on having you stick around and will treat you that way!